Our Services

For 23 years, Marketplex has provided a diverse selection of clients with advanced public-relationsh-driven consulting services.

Now, more than ever, before personal contact is engineered out of many business transactions…..let’s examine the trends:

Until Email and Web 1.0, it was the smile and handshake that sealed the deal. It was called “personal trust” and, it was Oh, so 20th Century.

Social Media and Web 2.0 promise to bring back the “two way” part of communications without endangering the efficiency we’ve gained. Video conferencing, for example, restores the images and sound, but it will be awhile before science replaces the eye contact and touch.

At MARKETPLEX, we work with clients to enhance areas of human interaction including telephone and face to face. We look at your internet and media platforms to be sure they are optimized. Then we join with you to maximize the fact that: PEOPLE MATTER.

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